Web Development Services

Contact us for more information: msamuels@wilsonshop.biz
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Utilizing skills learned over the last decade plus in the industry to help businesses create, maintain and improve their web presence.

  • Developer @ Paragon Sports (www.paragonsports.com)
  • Developer @ Clear Channel
  • Developer @ The Orchard (www.theorchard.com)
  • Developer @ Shareitcamp (www.shareitcamp.com)



Your audience can and will view your website on multiple kinds of devices. We design websites that maintain their look and feel, whether it's viewed on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.


    • Mobile/desktop friendly website
      Site optimized for smartphone, tablet and desktop.
    • Search engine optimization
      Increase ranking on Google etc.
    • Ecommerce
      set-up allowing customers to purchase from your site
      Shopify store setup
      Integrate with paypal directly
      Accept payments on your site
    • Analytics
      Google Analytics integration
      Track page views, checkouts, unique visitors
    • App Development
      Create engaging apps for Iphone or Android devices
    • Admin section allowing you to manage entire site.
      Manage copy on your site's pages
      Ability to update site yourself
    • Hosting
      We will set up and host/manage your site for you